About Us

Playing badminton in Frankfurt since 1999

At ABC, we are passionate about Badminton. And we have been for over 20 years.


Leagues and competitive games

Our teams are moving up

We have three teams playing in the Frankfurt League and we look forward to having more experienced and skilled players (especially female players) join us.

Verbandsliga Süd

Our first team moved up from Bezirksoberliga Frankfurt to the Verbandsliga Süd, a first for the club. We expect a lot of good matchups coming up this season.

Bezirksoberliga Fr 2

Our second team moved up from Bezirksliga A to Bezirksoberliga Fr2, advancing 3 levels in last 4 years. Can we keep the strong momentum going!

Bezirksliga Fr B1

We are launching our Team 3 this year and we are always looking for new motivated players to lift our team strengths and advance forward.

Want to be a part of the Team?

If you're interested in playing for our teams, check out what we can offer and how you can become part of ABC...

How we see ourselves!

We are a friendly club open to people from all backgrounds

We have become the premier international badminton club in an already very international city. Frankfurt, as the center of Banking and Finance in Germany, with many international companies in IT, engineering and consulting also located here, is a magnet for expats and visitors from many different cultures.

We’ve always found that playing badminton together bridges many of the differences and distances that may exist initially. We want to help you build those bridges: at ABC we always value keeping spirits high and having fun while playing the sport we love!

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