Our annual doubles tournament „Schleifchenturnier“ took place on Saturday, June 23rd!

There weren’t as many players there as in the past, but everyone was in a great mood and with a little more than 20 players, we were looking forward to a great afternoon of doubles.

As always, everyone was paired with another player in every round and Bernd’s fancy program made sure both sides were evenly matched!

thanks all for taking part in the group photo
the prizes
more prizes
and the food


warming up before play
the incorruptible umpire

a quick wave for the photographer

more warming up
some are quite relaxed before a game
… and some prefer to remain anonymous
the hall we played in
more anonymity

listening to the pre-tournament speech
listening to the pre-tournament speech part 2
someone’s really happy to start playing
already tired
… and hungry
spectators and fans were there
…honourable guests as well

happy guests

and lots of stretching

some had lots of fun on court
some were tired and decided to head for the bench mid-game

nice of her to get down to the photographer’s level

four thumbs up
checking next year’s team jersey selection

feeling a little tired

smash part 1
smash part 2
smash part 3
smash part 4

some lat-minute tips from Fuat
flowers for our former club chairwoman
and wine!
after 12 years of leading the club
and 19 years of membership
Saturday 23rd June was also our club’s birthday: 19 years to the day!
even more incorruptible
looking forward to the results

And here are the results:

After 14 (!) rounds of play, in which players accumulated one ribbon (Schleifchen) per win, Harald came out on top with 12 wins!!! Congratulations!


Player Name Wins / Losses
Harald 12/2
Shrikant 11/3
Prakash 11/3
Ming 9/5
Ilya 9/5
Silke 9/5
Rakesh 8/6
Ralf 8/6
Mathias 8/6
Sri 7/7
Jan 7/7
Melanie 7/7
Nele 7/7
Gongda 6/8
Christian 6/8
Fuat 6/8
Shang En 5/9
Georg 5/9
Markus 5/9
Arata 4/10
Klaus 4/10

after 14 rounds of playing
coming together for the awards after play
whose hand should I shake?
congratulations to the winner!
everyone could pick a prize!
some chose wisely
and happily

more wise choosing

some chose sensibly

some were happy with their performance
ok really happy

some downplayed their performance

the Boris-Becker-Fist

some almost didn’t fit in the picture

thank you for your great help

two thumbs up!
picking prizes
keeping a bird’s eye view
vielen dank an alle für das Gruppenfoto