At ABC, we come from over 20 different countries, a lot of us are expats and students. This means members cycle through our club more rapidly than they do at a typical German sports club and may not have had time to learn all the terms and old-style traditions, yet 😉

Here’s an attempt at a short explanation or glossary:



This is our club-internal fun doubles tournament which ensures players of all levels can play with changing partners – no matter if you used to be or still are a member of ABC. Everyone gets to play the same number of games, no one has to head home early!

No need to bring your own doubles or mixed partner: you get assigned a changing partner every round, with a software making sure the doubles are roughly balanced in playing strength … that is, if the organisers did a good job of assigning player strength scores at the start 😀 We may also open up registrations to some external players, if space allows!

This usually goes on for a whole afternoon on a weekend, with some snacks or food donation in the hall before we head to a restaurant to celebrate afterwards.

You’ll get to know a lot of new people: just register, turn up and have fun!


Boot Camp

Fuat is our A-Class trainer here at ABC and he offers training once a week at one of our halls. Usually, trainings sessions last about 90 minutes, which is quite substantial if you participate after having put in a whole day at work already 🙂

Currently, Fuat’s advanced training is only open to players who are playing in teams for ABC, that is to say team captains of our league teams make suggestions for who can participate in this training.

The boot camp is a more intensive training session and also more open to different playing levels. Fuat will craft a 6 hour intense training day (with breaks of course), and you will be able to give him input as a group as to what is especially interesting to you! There’s a small additional fee involved for everyone taking part and you can really focus on improving your game.



Any other Questions?

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