Hey everyone!
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are upon us, even though it’s July 2021 – thank the pandemic for turning all the names, logos and schedules completely upside down 😉
If you were wondering how to watch your favourite sport live on TV, here’s all the info:
ZDF – german public television – will have live streams from all badminton games with German players, which will probably not end up being that many games…it doesn’t seem that they are planning to broadcast semis or finals without german participation, but keep your fingers crossed!
Klick on the picture below to be taken to a list of all the live streams the ZDF are planning:

Now you’d have to be a bit of a night owl to catch the 2:20 AM or 5:30 AM sessions, but you can catch all matches with German participation in re-live later in the day 😉
Eurosport is showing a massive amount of badminton, but you have to become a subscriber via joyn.de to watch them. It’s free for the first month and EUR 6.99 per month after that, and you can cancel your subscription monthly.
Klick on the picture below to be taken to a list of all the re-live matches Eurosport is showing:

If anyone else has any more info on badminton livestreams that are available in Germany or better lists of where to watch them, let us know by sending an email to Mathias