Starting this week, the city of Frankfurt requires us to start enforcing strict rules for hall access:

only people who are fully vaccinated (more than 2 weeks after their 2nd injection), who have certifiably recovered from an infection with COVID-19 or who bring along an official COVID test result that is no older than 24 hours will be allowed in.

We’ll be keeping a record of who has provided proof of vaccination so we can streamline this process in the next weeks, but those of you who aren’t vaccinated will have to show a negative test result (no self-tests!) every time they turn up to play, I’m afraid.

There will have to be a designated keyholder for each hall, because that person will also be responsible for consistently checking the paperwork. If no one puts their name down as keyholder for a session, the hall will remain closed for that day.

On the bright side, we aren’t limited to playing singles nor sticking to fixed groups of 10 players only, as has happened in the past! So things aren’t really that bad 😉

As I’m sure you’ve all heard, the Delta variant can also be transmitted by people who have been vaccinated. Therefore we encourage you all to keep self-testing regularly, even if you are fully vaccinated! This also applies to those of you who are travelling: please adhere to the quarantine and testing regimen outlined here if you’ve been to other countries:

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the EB or ask away over the signal list.


PS: in case you were wondering, 3G is the german abbreviation of geimpft (vaccinated), genesen (recovered) and getestet (tested) 😉