Hey ABC,

here we go: the summer semester is upon us and finally our large and beautiful summer halls are back!!! We know you’ve all been waiting for this – finally lots of space and high ceilings to practice your game 🙂

There is a bit of a break in this, however, because we will be playing at our largest, best hall at Valentin-Senger-Schule during the Easter school holidays, which will be from April 11th to 22nd: during that time, we will be able to play on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays!  Check out our calendar

School gym hall at Valentin-Senger-Schule
View of the 9 courts of the gym hall at Valentin-Senger-Schule


We’re asking everyone who comes to the hall to self-test or get an official COVID test less than 24 hours before coming to our halls. Negative test results will be checked upon arrival or you may send a photo of the test result to the day’s keyholder in advance, in order to streamline the process!

Hope to see you all in our halls,


Your EB

(Zizi, Anastasia, Ha, Moritz and Mathias)