Dear ABC-Members,
we have two training programmes at ABC to boost your badminton Skills: our Technical Training with Anastasia and our Advanced Training with Fuat!

What are these training groups about?



Technical Training

Technical training with Anastasia focuses on the very fundamentals such as the right grip, the right movements on court and other essential skills. It is useful for players of all levels looking to improve their technical skill. We recommend it to everyone, including the advanced players! It is open to anyone and you don’t need to sign up in advance.

It is held every Wednesday from 8pm – 9:30pm in the Valentin-Senger-Halle.



Advanced Training

Advanced Training with Fuat focuses on technical and tactical skills. It is targeted at advanced and experienced players who want to improve their skills in a real match. You’ll learn some more techniques and also tactics in singles or doubles games. There are some requirements for you to join.

  1. You should be able to consistently place the shuttle to where it’s intended for the exercise.
  2. You should be proficient in the proper badminton footwork. If you are unsure, talk to us 🙂


It is held every Tuesday from 7:30 pm – 9pm in the Viktoria-Luise-Schule (except for school holidays). If you want to take part, indicate it in the registration sheet.



Both these training groups are free of charge and you can also join both of them. So give them a try and boost your badminton game!

Any questions?
Reach out to us via