Dear ABC members,

The season has officially come to an end. Later than usual due to a few games being postponed as the other teams had covid cases. And the outcome is quite positive:


  •  A bit of a bitter-sweet for Team 1 who ended up 2nd of their league (for a first full year in it, I still think that’s a great result!). Results here
  • Team 2, won their last game on Wednesday and will be moving up (one league below team 1)!!! Results here

Big thank you to everyone involved in this year’s games! Anastasia and Ming for managing team one, Moritz and Mathias answering my endless questions but also all players involved either by playing or coming to cheer us up!


Overall, a great year for ABC and a lot of laughs, cheering moments followed by food and/ or beers. Only thing to improve next year for team 2 will be the quality of the pictures =D.
Hope to see some of you on Tuesday for a drink =).