Dear ABC members,

Proud to share with you all a wonderful achievement for our club, we are the winners of the Friedberger Wetterau-Cup 2022. A loud cheer to all the members who represented ABC in the tournament and helped bring this success to everyone in the club.

Celebration time! Girls, left to right: Marina Tranquart, Ha Lam and Vanessa Mai (Mercy Becker we miss you in this picture); Guys, left to right: Nikhil Burange, Yuchen Zhang and Arthur Enriquez


Double Podium for ABC in Mixed Doubles: Mercy-Yuchen (1st) and Ha-Arthur (3rd)


Women’s pair does the trick: Ha-Marina (2nd)

These podium finishes together with some other stellar performances, falling just short of the podium, enabled ABC Frankfurt to win the Wettarau Cup 2022.

The event took place on 18th and 19th June 2022, not to forget during the peak of the heatwave across parts of Germany with temperatures soaring upto 37°C. Kudos to all the players who endured such conditions and gave their best.

The cup is an annual tournament hosted by Badminton TG Friedberg (this time after a break of 2 years due to Covid Pandemic), and therefore we applaud their commendable effort to bring back the tournament this year and wish them success with their future events. Looking forward to their next year’s edition and to all the members: Let’s train harder, we need to defend the cup next year! 😉

A group that plays together…
… Wins together (Receiving the coveted Wetterau Cup)