Dear ABC Members,


Here is a brief summary of the recently concluded 25. Lampionturnier – Bad Camberg, organized by TG Camberg. A 2-day tournament which took place on the 09th and 10th July 2022, with the Mixed Doubles, Men’s Singles and Women’s Singles disciplines on Day 1 and Men’s Doubles and Women’s Doubles on Day 2.

The tournament, split into the following 4 groups, saw the largest contingent from ABC Frankfurt 😉 with our members participating in the different disciplines across different groups…. and succeeding!

  • Group S (Hessenliga + Verbandsliga),
  • Group P (Bezirksoberliga + Bezirksliga A),
  • Group C (Bezirksliga B + Bezirksliga C),
  • Group H (Freizeitspieler)


Congratulations to all the participants and also the Organizing Team who managed to smoothly pull off this 2-day marathon event with 354 matches in total!


Day 1


Day 2


Podium Summary


Group S Mixed Doubles: (2nd) Marina – Fuat (Trainer ABC)


Group P Mixed Doubles: (3rd) Ha – Arthur


Group P Women’s Singles: (3rd) Marina


Group P Women’s Doubles: (3rd) Vanessa – Ha


Group P Men’s Doubles: (1st) Arthur – Yuchen


Group C Men’s Singles: (1st) Shaumik, (2nd) Sudheer


Group C Men’s Doubles: (1st) Balaji-Sudheer, (3rd) Sunggu – Shaumik


Group H Men’s Singles: (2nd) Prashant