ABC League Season 2022-23

Find a collection of  pictures taken throughout the season at the bottom of this news article 🙂 🙂


Dear Members,

We concluded an exceptionally successful season for both our teams, where both won their respective leagues Bezirksoberliga (Team 1) and Bezirksliga A (Team 2). As a result Team 1 will play Verbandsliga and Team 2 will play Bezirksoberliga in the next year’s season. 😀

Here are the snapshots of the League standings:

Team 1 at Bezirksoberliga FR 2

Team 2 at Bezirksliga Fr A2

The results are exceptional as Team 1 finished a very close second last year and Team 2 already moved up one level from Bezirksliga B to  Bezirksliga A. The challenges were tremendous but our members have shown great resilience, a lot of sacrifice, dedication and passion to reap the well-deserved fruits at the end of the season.

A BIG Thank you to both our captains Shinshi & Pierre. Awesome job, keep up the excellent work! 😉

In the last two seasons, we have had 41 players from 10 different nationalities playing for our two teams in the leagues!! 🙂

So obviously its hard to name everyone, but nevertheless thank you to everyone who played for the teams. Lastly, our fans are our great strength, so thank you to everyone who came to cheer for our teams!

Plans for the future: For the next season we plan to launch our Team 3, with Radha as the team captain. All the best!


ABC League Updates : Mar 2023

Last few steps for both teams to maintain their top spots! 💪

Schedule for March

12 Mar (Sunday) at Viktoria Luise Schule

  • (1100hrs) Team 2 plays TG Dietesheim
  • (1330 hrs) Team 1 plays Rot-Weiss Waldorf

18 Mar (Sunday) at Viktoria Luise Schule (Away)

  • (1530hrs) Team 2 plays TGS Vorwärts
  • (1800 hrs) Team 1 plays TGS Vorwärts

19 Mar (Sunday) Season Finale (Away)

  • (1030hrs) Team 1 plays SG Jügesh./Kl.-Krotzenb./Urberach
  • (1330 hrs) Team 2 plays TB Soden-Stolzenberg



ABC League Updates : Feb 2023

Important home games for our Teams in February. We need all the support! 💪

Schedule for February

05 Feb (Sunday) at Viktoria Luise Schule

  • (1100hrs) Team 1 plays a home game vs TV Nidda
  • (1330 hrs) Team 2 will fight it out for the „Top“ spot in an important match against Deutsch-Asiatischer SV Frankfurt.

12 Feb (Sunday) at Viktoria Luise Schule

  • (1100hrs) Team 2 plays a home game vs 1. BV Langen
  • (1330 hrs) Team 1 will fight it out for the „Top“ spot in an important match against TV 1861 Neu Isenburg II .




ABC League Season 2022-23: Season Beginning


Team 1 will be playing at the Bezirksoberliga Fr 2

Captain Team 1, Shinshi Hashimoto „Last season we could get second position in Bezirksoberliga, so the next aim is of course the first prize! The top players in ABC will do the best and all your support gives us strength“

Team 2 moving one level higher will be playing at the Bezirksliga Fr A2

Captain Team 2, Pierre-Antoine MagnetNever forget to have fun while playing -might the game be too tough or too easy, fun should lead the way“

Photo Gallery for the Season 2022-23