Badminton in the Summer Holidays 2023

Dear members, six weeks of summer holidays are here and while schoolchildren couldn’t be happier, here are 3 very good reasons for you to also rejoice: at ABC, you will be able to play 3 times per week during the holidays on every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday! Here’s your schedule Tuesdays – 7pm to 10pm […]

Badminton in the Easter Holidays 2023

Dear members,   we’re on daylight savings time (yay!) and this means we will be moving into holiday time, with the corresponding changes in halls for the next three weeks: from April 1st to 23rd, the school holidays mean we will switch up our hall times. on Wednesdays & Thursdays, we’ll be able to play […]

Update for April 2021 – coming out of lockdown

Hi everyone, if you’re a member of ABC, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we started playing again in the last two weeks of March 2021. Singles only, with lots of space between courts and in fixed groups, but at least we got to move around a little after the long lockdown with no sports!

Spieltermine in den Herbstferien – 17. bis 28.10.

During the autumn school holidays here in Hessen (17th to 28th October 2016), we won’t be able to play at our usual gym halls. Instead, we’ve been allocated the following places and times, which you can also find in our calendar. Während der hessischen Herbstferien (17. bis 28. Oktober) stehen uns unsere normalen Spielstätten nicht […]

Sommerferien 2016 – Spieltermine!

Die Sommerferien sind nun da – ab dem 18.7.2016 stehen uns unsere gewohnten Hallen bis zum Ende der Ferien (27.08.2016) leider nicht mehr zur Verfügung. Aber natürlich haben wir auch dieses Mal wieder Ferientermine erhalten, und zwar die Folgenden: Freitag 05.08. – 19:30 Uhr bis 22:30 Uhr Freitag 12.08. – 19:30 Uhr bis 22:30 Uhr […]