What’s happening at ABC!

A general bulletin of the events at our club.

Here you should find the latest events and open topics with respect to the general club activities.


Updates for September 2023

  • Join us for the Schleifchenturnier on September 10 (1200-1800hrs @Dahlmannschule)
    • Registration link sent via email only!
    • Bring some food and drinks along so we can have a potluck together 🙂
    • And afterwards we go for dinner at 6pm to the Restaurant – BooGie MooGie
    • If you have any questions, contact me (Shaumik) or my partners in crime 😉
      • 🙌 Anant, Chirag, Jan, Ozren and Radha 🙌
  • Back to our regular schedule.. almost
    • The up-to-date schedule is available on our  Halls & Times page
    • On 6th September (Wednesday) exceptionally we will have the Advanced Training as well Technical training on the same day
      • 3 courts reserved for Technical Training
      • 2 courts reserved for Advanced Training
  • Technical Training by Rishi
    • We have resumed the technical training offered to all members from 30 August onwards every Wednesdays
    • Check out the trainings offered at ABC!
  • Liga Season 2023-24 starts this month
    • All the best to all three teams and our team captains to keep the spirits high!
      • Team 1 will play at the Verbandsliga Süd
      • Team 2 will compete at the Bezirksoberliga FR 2
      • Team 3 will start their campaign at the Bezirksliga FR B1
    • Here is the Nuliga website link where you can find the match schedule of all teams and Fans are more than welcome 😃
      • Home Game Alert! @Viktoria Luise Schule
        • 23 Sept : Team 1 plays at 1500hrs
        • 24 Sept : all three Teams play from 1300hrs onwards!
  • Finally, our website has been updated with „newer“ pictures 😉

Updates for August 2023

Updates for July 2023

  • „Schleifchenturnier“ ABC’s FUN Tournament, beginning of September?
    • Call for volunteers!
    • Anyone interested reach out to Shaumik
  • ABC wins the Friedberger Wetterau Cup 2023, second year in a row!
    • A brief summary will be posted as soon as we officially get the cup 😉
  • Upcoming Tournaments
  • Different schedule during Summer holidays starting from 22.07
    • The holiday schedule will be soon updated on our  Halls & Times page
  • Liga Season 2023-24 preparations are in full-swing in the background
    • Reach out to Nikhil B, or the team captains (Shinshi, Pierre and Radha) to get more details 😉

Updates for June 2023

Updates for May 2023

  • ABC Open 2023
    • May 13-14, checkout the details on the tournament website
    • Every club member has to support in making it a success, if you have questions please contact Vanessa, Ha or Shaumik
      • 12th May (Friday) evening: setting up the courts
      • 13th-14th May (Saturday & Sunday) : managing Food Counter, Hall Support and Tournament Software
      • 14th May (Sunday) evening : everyone has to stay till the end to clean-up 😉
    • (To be published soon) some behind-the-scenes Pics & Videos of the tournament
  • Upcoming Tournaments for you to participate
  • Fresh Volunteers for the club activities!!
    • Tina will takeover the Join ABC activities from Radha
    • Nikhil G. will support us with our Shuttle inventory handling
    • Marina will takeover managing the trainings offered at ABC from Vanessa


Updates for April 2023

  • We are the champions! : ABC Team 1 & Team 2 both WON their respective leagues
    • Find a Photo-Gallery and some details here
  • Highlights from the „Warm-up Tournament“ for ABC Open organized on 26 March
    • Check-out the wonderful videos from Manoj & Radha here
  • Call for Volunteers!!
    • The volunteers positions from last-month are still open. Your small contributions helps the club massively! 
    • Volunteer 1: Support our New Member trial sessions from May 2023
    • Volunteer 2: Track our Shuttle Inventory from May 2023
    • Volunteers for the ABC Open 13-14 May 2023
  • 30th April (Sunday) : Boot-Camp Training


Updates for March 2023

  • Call for Volunteers!!
    • We need atleast 2 more volunteers to help us out with the proper functioning of the club
    • Volunteer 1: Support our New Member trial sessions from May 2023
      • If you like to help out the club and like writing emails and contacting new people, this task is for you 😉
    • Volunteer 2: Track our Shuttle Inventory from May 2023
      • Keeping an eye on our shuttle consumption is an important task for us and we would highly appreciate some support from our members
      • If you like to keep things organized and would like to contribute your efforts for the club, reach out to us.
    • Contact: anyone from the EB
  • 18th and 19th March : End of league season
    • More details here
    • Come join us to cheer for our teams for the all-important matches against Vorwärts on 18th march
  • 24th March (Friday) : Dinner at Gaststätte Eintracht Frankfurt
    • We celebrate the end of season 2022-23, hopefully both our teams win their respective leagues and advance to the next level
    • No matter the final results, let’s take a moment to cherish where we started and what we have accomplished in the last several months.
    • Contact: Shaumik, for more details
  • 26th March (Sunday) : Trial Tournament for ABC Open
    • We need your participation to help us simulate the tournament
    • Bring your own shuttles, club will provide 1 shuttle per match
    • Guests (non-ABC members) can participate at €5 registration fee
    • Contact: Vanessa, Ha or Shaumik, if you have questions